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Peristaltic Pumping of a Generalized Newtonian Fluid in an Elastic Tube

Volume 10, Issue 6, November and December 2017, Pages 1785-1798


A. N. S. Srinivas; C. K. Selvi; S. Sreenadh

Flow of Power-Law Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface with Newtonian Heating

Volume 8, Issue 2, November and December 2014, Pages 273-280


T. Hayat; M. Hussain; A. Alsaedi; S. A. Shehzad; G. Q. Chen

MHD Flow and Heat Transfer in a Power-Law Liquid Film at a Porous Surface in the Presence of Thermal Radiation

Volume 6, Issue 3, July and August 2013, Pages 385-395


K. V. Prasad; K. Vajravelu; P. S. Datti; B. T. Raju

Heat Transfer of Non-Newtonian Dilatant Power Law Fluids in Square and Rectangular Cavities

Volume 4, Issue 3, January and February 2012, Pages 37-42


I. Vinogradov; L. Khezzar; D. Siginer