Keywords = Thermal resistance
Heat Conduction Characteristic of Rarefied Gas in Nanochannel

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 1-13


R. Rabani; G. Heidarinejad; J. Harting; E. Shirani

Experimental Study of a Two-Phase Thermosyphon Loop in Conditions of High Fluidic and Thermal Loads

Volume 12, (Special Issue), January and February 2019, Pages 71-77


S. Adjmi; S. Launay; C. Abid

Experimental Heat Transfer Analysis on Heat Pipe using Sio2 and Tio2 Nano Fluid

Volume 11, (Special Issue), September and October 2018, Pages 91-101


P. Sakthivel; G. Arunkumar; P. Navaneetha Krishnan; R. Ramkumar; P. Parameswaran