Keywords = Stability
Stability of Oblique Water Entry of Cylindrical Projectiles

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 301-314


M. A. Akbari; J. Mohammadi; J. Fereidooni

Flutter of a Membrane in a Stagnation Flow

Volume 12, Issue 3, May 2019, Pages 981-985


S. Kapkin; M. S. Demir; M. O. Kaya; E. Uzal

Performance Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engine by using MWCNT/Water Based Nanofluid as a Coolant

Volume 11, (Special Issue), September and October 2018, Pages 15-21


Muruganandam M; P. C. Mukesh Kumar

Stability Analysis of Heat Transfer MWCNT with Different Base Fluids

Volume 10, (Special Issue), January and February 2017, Pages 51-59


P. C. Mukesh Kumar; Muruganandam M

Stability Analysis of Twin Axial Groove Hybrid Journal Bearing

Volume 9, Issue 6, October 2016, Pages 2763-2768


V. K. Dwivedi; S. Chand; K. N. Pandey

Numerical and Experimental Study on the Effects of Taylor Number on the Wavelength of the Couette-Taylor Flow

Volume 9, (Special Issue 1), May and June 2016, Pages 49-57


M. Monfared; E. Shirani; F. Aloui; M. R. Salimpour