Keywords = Drag reduction
Research on the Flow and Drag Reduction Characteristics of Surfaces with Biomimetic Fitting Structure

Volume 17, Issue 8, August 2024, Pages 1593-1603


C. Hu; Y. Gu; J. Zhang; Q. Qiu; H. Ding; D. Wu; J. Mou

Flow Characteristics of Cylinders with Asymmetric Grooves: A Modeling and Experimental Study

Volume 17, Issue 6, June 2024, Pages 1243-1260


F. Yan; W. Kong; H. Jiao; F. Peng; J. Zhang

Development of an Intelligent Passive Device Generator for Road Vehicle Applications

Volume 16, Issue 8, August 2023, Pages 1500-1514


R. Aranha; N. A. Siddiqui; W. Y. Pao; M. Agelin-Chaab

Influence of Bionic Waveform Leading Edge Blade on Drag Reduction Characteristics of Mixed Pump

Volume 16, Issue 5, May 2023, Pages 920-931


W. Han; J. Zhang; M. Z. Xiao; X. N. Ma; Z. Qu; F. Yin; Q. Sun

A General Approach for Flow Optimization and Drag Reduction in Turbulent Pipe Flows

Volume 15, Issue 3, May and June 2022, Pages 815-829


J. Guo; K. Luo; Z. He; S. Wu; J. Fan

Transition Delay and Drag Reduction using Biomimetically Inspired Surface Waves

Volume 13, Issue 4, July 2020, Pages 1207-1222


D. Bhatia; G. Li; Y. Lin; J. Sun; P. Barrington; H. Li; J. Wang

Drag Reduction of Non-Circular Cylinder at Subcritical Reynolds Numbers

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 187-194


V. Suresh; P. S. Premkumar; C. Senthilkumar

Experimental Investigation of Flow Control over an Ahmed Body using DBD Plasma Actuator

Volume 11, Issue 5, September 2018, Pages 1267-1276


S. Shadmani; S. M. Mousavi Nainiyan; M. Mirzaei; R. Ghasemiasl; S. G. Pouryoussefi

Effect of Agar Jelly Coating in Rectangular Pipe to Flow Drag Reduction

Volume 10, Issue 4, July 2017, Pages 1161-1166


. Yanuar; . Gunawan; K. T. Waskito; S. Ogata

Effect of Hydrophobic Coating on Hagen-Poiseuille Flows

Volume 9, Issue 3, April 2016, Pages 1035-1040


A. Ríos-Rodríguez; C. A. Palacios-Morales; E. Bernal; G. Ascanio; J. P. Aguayo-Vallejo