Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2020 
Pressure-Driven Electro-Osmotic Flow and Mass Transport in Constricted Mixing Micro-Channels

Pages 429-441


C. Ahamed; A. Algahtani; I. Anjum Badruddin; T. M. Yunus Khan; S. Kamangar; M. A. H. Abdelmohimen

Active Fluids: Effects of Hydrodynamic Stress on Growth of Self-Propelled Fluid Particles

Pages 561-570


H. Fadlallah; M. Jarrahi; E. Herbert; R. Ferrari; A. Mejean; H. Peerhossaini

Investigation into the Aerodynamic Performance of a Concept Sports Car

Pages 583-601


M. Dickison; M. Ghaleeh; S. Milady; S. Subbakrishna; L. T. Wen; M. Al. Qubeissi

Effect of a Directionally Porous Wing Tip on Tip Vortex

Pages 651-665


M. Aldheeb; W. Asrar; A. Omar; A. Altaf; E. Sulaeman