Reacting Flow Simulations of a Dual Throat-Dual Fuel Thruster


Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 547, Kerala, India


Numerical simulation of the supersonic turbulent reacting flow field in a dual throat- dual fuel rocket thrust chamber is presented. Future single stage to orbit and high lift space transportation missions aspire a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective propulsion systems. The dual throat-dual fuel concept is a simple altitude compensating propulsion alternative with reusable possibilities. Turbulent reacting supersonic flow field emanating from independent thrust chambers needs to be resolved for a better understanding of the flow structures and design modifications for the performance improvement. The operation of a dual throat nozzle brings about a unique shock train in reacting supersonic flow. Two-dimensional axis-symmetric compressible reacting flow field has been solved using HLLC (Harten, Lax, van Leer, with Contact wave) scheme based finite volume Riemann solver with multi-step finite rate chemistry model for hydrocarbon/hydrogen-oxygen combustion. The computational procedure has been validated with experimental data for species distribution of a coaxial supersonic combustor. Chemical species distribution in the supersonic free shear layer is analyzed in detail to explore the nature of active reaction zones in the flow field.