Peer Review Process


The peer-review process in JAFM is single blind. When an article is submitted, it usually takes nearly a week for one of the Associate Editors to evaluate it according to the following criteria:

-          Novelty of the topic

-          Scientific validity and plausibility of the study

-          Contribution of the article to the current gaps in fluid mechanics research

-          Compatibility of the topic with the aim and scope of the journal

-          Grammatical accuracy and fluency of submitted manuscript

The peer-review process will start only if all the criteria are met. During the review process, the articles are assigned to 5 to 8 eligible reviewers in the same specialty as the article' subject. The reviewers who accept to review the submitted manuscript are given at most 8 weeks to comment. If a reviewer does not respond after two reminders, new reviewers will be assigned. In general, to decide on an article, more than two comments are required.