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 JAFM Editorial Policy

 Immediately after article submission, The Editorial Board will screen the articles for the following criteria:


-          Novelty of the topic

-          Scientific validity and plausibility of the study

-          Contribution of the article to the present state of fluid mechanics research

-          Compatibility of the topic with the aim and scope of the journal

-          Grammatical accuracy and fluency of submitted manuscript


The peer-review process will start if all the criteria are met.

JAFM publishes full-length papers only. It does not publish letters, short reports, newsletters or commercial advertisements. Occasionally, at the request of the Editorial Board, review articles will also be accepted for publication after meeting the same standards for publishing regular articles.

Authors submitting the articles in JAFM are required to fill out a Copyright Transfer form to ensure the journal that their manuscript has neither been copyrighted nor sent for publication elsewhere. This form needs to be signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all co-authors. The corresponding author will be responsible for any possible issue arising due to lack of honesty or mistake in this regard.

Finally, to speed up the final publication process all the submitted papers must comply with the JAFM template available online. Please note that the manuscripts not prepared based on JAFM Template will be returned to the author for modification ONLY ONCE, and the necessary change will be due within two days. The instruction for preparing the manuscript is available in Guide for Authors/ Manuscript Preparation, and you can download the whole template from the following link.

JAFM Template


Language Standard

The corresponding author will be responsible for ensuring the grammatical accuracy of the entire content. As articles poor English is one of the main reasons for reviewers’ unwillingness to accept the review, the articles will be screened for grammatical accuracy. They will be returned to the author for correction ONLY ONCE before the peer review process commences, and the authors have two days for the resubmission. Please note that modifying the manuscript's language before the peer review process is a requirement and DOES NOT guarantee the manuscript enters the peer-review process.