Drag and Heat Flux Reduction using Counterflow Jet and Spike - Analysis of their Equivalence for a Blunt Cone Geometry at Mach 8


School of Mechanical Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 632014, India


This study aims to explore equivalence between active and passive flow control techniques in reducing the wave drag and surface heat flux over a blunt cone model kept in Mach 8 stream. Computational investigations were carried out by using finite volume-based compressible flow solver. Throughout the study, the solution of governing equations is sought by assuming two dimensional-axisymmetric nature of the flowfield. Both counter flow-stagnation point injection and forward facing-physical spike are considered to mitigate the excess drag and heat flux experienced by a blunt body representing the nose cone section of a hypersonic vehicle. Eventually, based on identified drag reductions, the present study proposes equivalence cases between these two methods. It is shown that a pointed spike of L/D=1 provides almost the same drag reduction as the counterflow injection jet with a pressure ratio of 8.25. Similarly, other equivalence cases are identified and the physics behind them is explored. The identified equivalence is expected to help the designers in effectively replacing one technique with another according to the requirement. Equivalence matrix is presented for different spike cases in terms of injection ratios of counterflow injection.