Wave Motion through Mangrove Forests in the Presence of a ‎Viscoelastic Bed due to a Line Source


1 Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 92 A.P.C Road, Kolkata-700009, India

2 Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata-700108, India


The present paper is concerned with a study of water waves generated due to the presence of a line ‎singularity (source) with time harmonic strength as well as impulsive strength through mangrove forests ‎in the presence of a viscoelastic bed. The trunks of mangroves are assumed to be in the upper layer ‎inviscid fluid, while the roots of mangroves are inside the viscoelastic bed. The equation of motion in ‎the viscoelastic region is obtained by coupling the Voigt’s model with the equation of motion in the ‎presence of mangroves. The expressions for the potential functions in the two layers are obtained. The ‎forms of the surface and interface waves are depicted graphically for realistic values of kinematic ‎viscosity and shear modulus of elasticity, the line source being submerged in the upper layer‎.