MHD Double Diffusive Convection of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid in A Porous Medium Filled an Annular Space Inside Two Vertical Concentric Cylinders with Discrete Heat Flux


1 Polydisciplinary Faculty, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, BP. 592, 23000 - Béni Mellal, Morocco

2 Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, B.P. 1014 RP, Rabat-Morocco


The magnetoconvection phenomenon of a double diffusive free convection in an annular porous space inside two concentric cylinders saturated by a (Al2O3, water) nanofluid has been investigated in the current study. The transport equations for vorticity, energy and concentration as well as stream function are solved using the finite difference method. At lower temperatures and concentrations, the outer cylinder is sustained, the discrete heat flux with the unheated adiabatic portions as well as the higher concentrations are imposed in the inside walls of the central cylinder. The base walls are insulated and impermeable. In the vertical direction, external magnetic field (MF) with uniform intensity is applied. The results of the obtained numerical simulation are presented to exhibit the consequences of various numbers such: Rayleigh RaTh, Hartmann Ha, Buoyancy forces ratio N and the solid nanoparticles (NPs) volume fraction  on the pattern of the nanofluid flow and the transferred mass and thermal energy in the active wall. It is noted that the transferred mass and thermal flux in the active wall augments as the RaTh and N augments. The thermal energy transferred augments with the growth of , while the transferred mass in the active wall decreases. The greater magnetism declines the rate of the mass and thermal energy transport in the active wall.