Inlet Parameters Effects of Invelox on the Aerodynamic ‎Performance using Numerical ‎Simulation


Faculty of Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


Invelox is a structure that increases the wind velocity by collecting air from the higher level of ground. ‎Previous studies ‎showed that Invelox has the potential to capture air and increases the speed of wind, ‎which means more power output. ‎Although it was claimed that Invelox can capture air from all directions, ‎its performance greatly depends on the angle of ‎wind. In this study, the performance of Invelox is ‎analyzed and improved for different wind directions by changing the ‎number of blades. The results ‎showed, however, the aerodynamic performance of all proposed Inveloxes has decreased due to ‎increasing ‎the wind angle, the five-blade Invelox outperforms the original model in output power by ‎about 7%-20% in various wind directions. ‎Furthermore, in order to reduce air escaping from the opposite ‎side of Invelox, the length of the upper funnel has been increased. ‎Results showed about 12% improving ‎performance when the length of the upper funnel is equal to its diameter.‎ The three dimensional models ‎were analyzed by Ansys-Fluent, under steady-state conditions‎.