Mechanism of Stability Enhancement with Shallow ‎Reversed Slot-Type Casing Treatment in a Transonic ‎Compressor ‎


School of Power and Energy, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China


In this paper, the influence of a shallow reversed slot-type casing treatment on the performance of a tip-critical transonic compressor has been numerically investigated. Firstly, the complex flow fields in the rotor tip region are studied in details. It shows the severe blockage induced by suction surface boundary separation triggers compressor stall at 100% design speed, while the blockage due to tip leakage vortex dominates at 80% design speed. Secondly, the mechanism of stability extension is presented at different rotating speeds. The casing treatment alleviates greatly the tip blockage by manipulating the tip leakage flow, accompanied by the redistribution of aerodynamic loading and mass flux. As a result, the casing treatment is more efficient for the blockage induced by tip leakage vortex (at 80% design speed). Further analysis of the pressure field and passage shock distribution demonstrates that the passage shock intensity and its location will affect the effectiveness of casing treatment. Finally, the instability characteristics of compressor with casing treatment are revealed. The numerical results reflect when the mass flow approaching the instability boundary, the stator passage blockage presumably is dominant for triggering the compressor stall.