Multiscale Hydrodynamics in Line Contacts with Different ‎Fluid-Contact Interactions


1 College of Mechanical Engineering, Changzhou University, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

2 Changzhou High Technology Research Key Laboratory of Mould Advanced Manufacturing, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


Multiscale hydrodynamics in line contacts were analyzed from the newly developed ‎multiscale flow equations by respectively considering the weak, medium and strong fluid-‎contact interactions. In the studied line contact, the surface separation is on the same scale ‎with the thickness of the adsorbed layer on the contact surface, and between the coupled ‎adsorbed layers occurs the continuum fluid flow. The present study shows that when using ‎the developed multiscale flow equations to calculate the surface separation for the weak or ‎medium fluid-contact interactions, the value of the parameter k , which is in the important ‎formulation ‎ ‎, should be taken as about 5.0, different from its value 1.0 for the ‎strong fluid-contact interaction. The study also shows that owing to the adsorbed layer effect, ‎for a given operating condition, stronger the fluid-contact interaction, greater the surface ‎separation. The results show the significant effect of the fluid-contact interaction in ‎hydrodynamic line contacts in a quite wide range of the surface separation because of the ‎multiscale hydrodynamic effect‎.