Experimental Studies of Flow Patterns of Different Fluids in a Partially Filled Rotating Cylinder


1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India

2 National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Karnataka, India


An attempt has been made to investigate the various parameters affecting the fluid behaviour, partially filled in a rotating cylinder. When the cylinder is rotating at ‘high’ speed, a liquid forms a hollow cylinder. Different patterns are observed in the fluids for the rotatioal speeds below a critical speed. This study should give us some insight into molten metal behaviour during centrifugal casting. An extensive experimental investigation is required to obtain an appropriate functional relationship by knowing and understanding some dimensionless parameters. Here the effect of dimensionless parameters ε (which is 2 g/ω2d, where g, ω and d denotes gravitational acceleration, container rotation rate and inner diameter of liquid cylinder) and G (number of times the gravity) was studied as variation of rotation speed, viscosity and aspect ratio of the mould.