Impact of the Automotive Aerodynamic Control on the Economic Issues


1 ESA/Institut PRISME, Polytech’Orléans 8, rue Léonard de Vinci, 45072 Orléans France

2 Renault, Direction de Recherche, EA & M, 1, Avenue du Golf, 78288 GUYANCOURT Cedex


Sustainable development associated with the need to reduce the energy consumption and to offer more creative freedom to the automobile designers requires looking for new solutions of control without appendix added nor geometrical modification. Among these solutions, the active flow control by fluidic actuators constitutes an interesting alternative. Various configurations of control are thus tested in order to reduce the aerodynamic drag. The results show that protocols based on control by suction, blowing or intermittent jet allows reducing the aerodynamic drag and consequently the consumption and CO2 emissions.