Simulation of the Periodically Perturbed Separated and Reattaching Flow over a Backward-Facing Step


1 Faculté des Sciences de Tunis-Campus Universitaire 1060 Tunis TUNISIE

2 LIMSI-CNRS Bat. 508 - B.P. 133 - 91 403 Orsay Cedex FRANCE


In this work, the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) methodology is used to study the effects of a periodic perturbation introduced into a separated shear layer behind a backward-facing step. This study carried out by acting on the two parameters characteristics of the perturbation: frequency and amplitude. The obtained results reveal the existence of an optimum perturbation frequency value, Stp = 0.25, in terms of the reduced reattachment length. At this perturbation frequency value, we observed an increase in the vortical shedding frequency in the reattachment zone with a significant change of the structure of the flow. The value of the optimum frequency appears to be independent of the perturbation amplitude. At this frequency the maximum decrease of reattachment length is 50% and the maximum increase of vortical shedding frequency is 43 % compared to the unperturbed case.