A Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Flow around a Blade Profile of HAWT Rotor in Moving Pulse


1 university center of Khemis Milia, Ain Defla Algeria

2 USTHB university of Algiers; POBox 32 El Alia, Algiers Algeria

3 Maitre de Conférences au LEMFI, Arts & Métiers Paris Tech, France


A computation of three-dimensional flow past an isolated NACA0012 airfoil using Reynolds-averaged Navier -stokes equations (RANS) method is conducted. Tow closure models k-ε and SST are applied to the numerical prediction of the turbulent flow. A two-dimensional numerical simulation of oscillatory movement of the profile, based on solving URANS equations is then studied for the dynamic stall prediction. FlUENT's software is used for the numerical solution. Flow methodology for modelling 2-D unsteady viscous flow is presented and based on the incidence angle variation taken as a pulse using Gaussian function and oscillation forms. Results compared with experiment, show a very satisfactory agreement and highlight the need to take into account the unsteady flow and loads induced by movement of the structure.