On the Effects of Rotation on the Passive Scalar and Kinematic Fields of Homogeneous Sheared Turbulence


Laboratoire de mécanique des fluides, Département de Physique, Faculté des Sciences de Tunis


In this work, the effect of rotation on the evolution of kinematic and passive scalar fields in two dimensional homogeneous sheared turbulence is studied using two different approaches. The first one is analytical and it consists on the resolution of differential linear equations governing the turbulence at high shear when the non linear effects are neglected. The second one is numerical and it consists on the modeling of governing equations using the most known second order models of turbulence and their numerical integration using the fourth order Runge-kutta method. In this second approach, the classic Launder Reece Rodi model, the Speziale Sarkar Gatski and the Shih Lumley models are retained for the pressure-strain correlation, pressure-scalar gradient correlation and for the time evolution equations of the kinematic and scalar dissipations. The evolution of turbulence is studied according to the dimensionless rotation number R which is varied from -0.75 to 0.5. The obtained results are compared to the recent results of the DNS of Brethouwer. Both methods have confirmed the existence of asymptotic equilibrium states for dimensionless kinematic and scalar parameters.