Finite Element Solution of Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Flow of a Viscous Fluid past a Vertical Plate under Oscillatory Suction Velocity


1 Department of Mathematics, University College of Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, 500007, Andhra Pradesh, India.

2 Department of Basic Science and Humanities, Padmasri Dr. B. V. Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur, Medak (Dt), 502313, Andhra Pradesh, India.

3 Department of Mathematics, Gitam University, Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad, 502329, Andhra Pradesh, India.


The study of hydromagnetic heat and mass transfer in MHD flow of an incompressible, electrically conducting, viscous fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate along with porous medium of time dependent permeability under oscillatory suction velocity normal to the plate has been made. It is considered that the influence of the uniform magnetic field acts normal to the flow and the permeability of the porous medium fluctuate with the time. The problem is solved, numerically by Galerkin finite element method for velocity, temperature, concentration field and the expressions for skin – friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are also obtained. The results obtained are discussed for Grashof number (Gr > 0) corresponding to the cooling of the plate and (Gr < 0) corresponding to the heating of the plate with the help of graphs and tables to observe the effects of various parameters.