Effects of Variation of Viscosity and Viscous Dissipation on Oberbeck Magnetoconvection in a Chiral Fluid


1 Department of Mathematics, Central College, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 560 001, India

2 National Research Institute for Applied Mathematics, Bangalore, 560070, India

3 School of Mechanical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 75101, India


The flow and heat transfer characteristics of Oberbeck convection of a chiral fluid in the presence of the transverse magnetic field, viscous dissipation and variable viscosity are investigated. The coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations governing the flow and heat transfer characteristics of the problem are solved both analytically and numerically. The analytical solutions are obtained using a regular perturbation and numerical solutions obtained using finite difference method. The solution is valid for small values of Buoyancy parameter N and variable viscosity parameter R1. The analytical results are compared with the numerical results and found good agreement.The role of temperature dependent viscosity and viscous dissipation on velocity, temperature, skin friction and the rate of heat transfer are determined. The results are depicted graphically, from these graphs it is noticed that the velocity is parabolic in nature and increases with an increase in magnetochiral number M . Physically this is attributed to the fact that magnetochiral number introduces small scale turbulences.