Finite Element Analysis of Radiation and Mass Transfer Flow Past Semi- Infinite Moving Vertical Plate with Viscous Dissipation


1 Department of Mathematics, Anurag group of Institutions, Hyderabad-500088, India.

2 Department of Mathematics, B.V.R.I.T, Narsapur-502313, India.


The objectives of the present study are to investigate the radiation effects on unsteady heat and mass transfer flow of a chemically reacting fluid past a semi-infinite vertical plate with viscous dissipation. The method of solution is applied using Finite element technique. Numerical results for the velocity, the temperature and the concentration are shown graphically for various flow parameters. The expressions for the skin-frication, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are obtained. The result shows that increased cooling (Gr>0) of the plate and the Eckert number leads to a rise in the velocity. Also, an increase in the Eckert number leads to an increase in the temperature, whereas increase in radiation lead to a decrease in the temperature distribution when the plate is being cooled.