The Combined Effect of Chemical Reaction, Radiation on Heat and Mass Transfer along a Continuously Moving Surface in Presence of Thermophoresis


Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science College of Basic Sciences & Humanities G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology Pantnagar -263145, Uttarakhand India


The effect of chemical reaction, radiation on heat and mass transfer along a continuously moving surface in presence of thermophoresis has been discussed. The fluid viscosity is assumed as an inverse linear function of temperature. The system of non-linear partial differential equations developed in the process have finally transformed into a set of ordinary differential equations with the help of similarity transformation and then solved numerically using Runga- Kutta method with shooting technique. The results showing the effect of physical parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration have been computed and presented graphically to discuss them in detail. It has been observed that temperature increases with an increase in radiation parameter. Also, it is seen that the concentration decreases with the increase in chemical reaction parameter and Schmidt number.