Effects of Hall Current on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow of Class-II in a Rotating System


Department of Applied Mathematics, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (Jharkhand) -826004, India


Unsteady hydromagnetic Couette flow of class-II of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid in a rotating system with Hall effects in the presence of a uniform transverse magnetic field is studied. Both the fluid and plates of the channel are assumed to be at rest when time and fluid flow within the channel is induced due to non-torsional oscillations of the upper plate in its own plane with a velocity about a non-zero uniform velocity at time . Exact solution of the governing equations is obtained by Laplace transform technique. Asymptotic behavior of the solution is analyzed for small and large values of rotation parameter and magnetic parameter when time t>>1. The numerical values of the fluid velocity are depicted graphically whereas that of shear stress at the plates are presented in tabular form for various values of Hall current parameter , rotation parameter , magnetic parameter and frequency parameter .