MHD Pulsatile Flow through a Porous Medium


1 Department of Applied Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology, Patna Campus, Patna-14, Bihar, India

2 Department of Mathematics, B.N. College, Patna University, Patna-4, Bihar, India


This paper develops a mathematical model with an aim to compute the analytic solution for the MHD pulsatile flow driven by an unsteady pressure gradient between permeable beds of a viscous incompressible Newtonian fluid saturated porous medium. The dimensionless governing equations for this investigation are solved analytically after separating into a steady part and an unsteady part. The influence of pertinent parameters on the flow is delineated and appropriate conclusions are drawn. The results presented in this work constitute an innovative way to describe correctly the boundary conditions at both the walls. Favorable comparisons with previously published work authenticate a remarkable accuracy of the results investigated in the paper. Mathematics Subject Classification 2010: 76D05, 76D10, 76S05, 76W05.