Flow and Heat Transfer in a Newtonian Liquid with Temperature Dependent Properties over an Exponential Stretching Sheet


1 Department of Mathematics, Bangalore University, Central College Campus,560 001, Bangalore, India

2 Department of Mathematics, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, 560 019, Karnataka, India

3 Department of Mathematics, BMS Institute of Technology, Bangalore, 560 064 Karnataka, India


The paper presents a study of a forced flow and heat transfer of an electrically conducting Newtonian fluid due to an exponentially stretching sheet. The governing coupled, non-linear, partial differential equations are converted into coupled, non-linear, ordinary differential equations by a similarity transformation and are solved numerically using shooting method. The influence of various parameters such as the Prandtl number, Chandrasekhar number, variable viscosity parameter, heat source (sink) parameter and suction/injection on velocity and temperature profiles are presented and discussed.