Experimental Setup for the Analysis of Vortices


Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split, Split, 21000, Croatia


This paper presents a specific experimental setup in which artificial vortices are successfully created and maintained under controlled conditions. The developed vortex simulation chamber is demonstrated to be crucial to the study of vortices and to improve the understanding of vortex nature and behaviour. Furthermore, the general simulation chamber characteristics, constructional details and working principle are elaborated in detail. Preliminary experimental results are also discussed. Specifically, the influence of the water vapour content on the pressure potential and the vortex stability has been analysed. The specific friction work in the vortex system has also been analysed; the novel specific vortex efficiency factor has been introduced. The gained research results and conclusions are important to understand the complex nature of vortex systems, which can be useful for both meteorological purposes and energy concepts research, where convective vortices are assumed to be used as heat engines.