Transient MHD Free Convective Flow of an Optically Thick Gray Gas Past a Moving Vertical Plate in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Mass Diffusion


1 Department of Mathematics, Narajole Raj Collge, Narajole 721211, West Bengal, India

2 Department of Mathematics, University of Gour Bnaga, Malda 732 103, West Bengal, India

3 Department of Applied Mathematics, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore 721 102, West Bengal, India


The purpose of present investigation is to analyse bouyancy-driven radiation-convection flow past a moving vertical plate with reference to an optically dense medium in the presence of mass concentration, using Rosseland approximation permeated by a magnetic field. The flow is considered to be gray in the presence of free convection, mass transfer and radiation. An exact solution of the governing equations is obtained by applying the Laplace transform method. Numerical results of velocity distributions, shear stress, temperature distribution and mass concentration are presented graphically to give physical insight into the flow pattern.