Stokes Flow over Composite Sphere: Liquid Core with Permeable Shell


Department of Mathematics, Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology, Guna, M.P., 473226, India


This paper presents an analytical study of an infinite expanse of uniform flow of steady axisymmetric Stokes flow of an incompressible Newtonian fluid around the spherical drop of Reiner-Rivlin liquid coated with the permeable layer with the assumption that the liquid located outside the capsule penetrates into the permeable layer, but it is not mingled with the liquid located in the internal concave of capsule. The flow inside the permeable layer is described by the Brinkman equation. The viscosity of the permeable medium is assumed to be same as pure liquid. The stream function solution for the outer flow field is obtained in terms of modified Bessel functions and Gegenbauer functions, and for the inner flow field, the stream function solution is obtained by expanding the stream function in terms of S. The flow fields are determined explicitly by matching the boundary conditions at the pure liquid-porous interface, porous-Reiner-Rivlin liquid interface, and uniform velocity at infinity. The drag force experienced by the capsule is evaluated, and its variation with regard to permeability parameter a, dimensionless parameter S, ratio of viscosities l2, and thickness of permeable layer d is studied and graphs plotted against these parameters. Several cases of interest are deduced from the present analysis. It is observed that the cross-viscosity increases the drag force, whereas the thickness d decreases the drag on capsule. It is also observed that the drag force is increasing or decreasing function of permeability parameter for l2 < 1.