Hall Effects on Unsteady Hydromagnetic Flow Past an Accelerated Porous Plate in a Rotating System


1 Department of Mathematics, University of Gour Banga, Malda 732 103, India

2 Department of Applied Mathematics, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore 721 102, India


An unsteady hydromagnetic flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid past an accelerated porous flat plate in the presence of a uniform transverse magnetic field in a rotating system taking the Hall effects into account have been presented. An analytical solution describing the flow at large and small times after the start is obtained by the use of Laplace transform technique. The influences of the physical parameters acting on the flow are discussed in detail with the help of several graphs. It is found that interplay of Coriolis force and hydromagnetic force in the presence of Hall currents plays an important role in characterizing the flow behavior.