The Radiation Effect on the Thermo-Magnetic Convection in Participating Paramagnetic Medium under Microgravity Condition


School of Automobile Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai, 2 West Wenhua Road, Weihai 264209, People's Republic of China


The radiation effect on the thermo-magnetic convection which occurs in participating paramagnetic medium under microgravity (g = 0) condition is numerically investigated. Different from the electrically conducting fluid, the paramagnetic fluid is driven by Kelvin force which is proportional to the product of magnetic susceptibility and the gradient of the square of the magnetic induction and is introduced into the source term of the Navier-Stokes equation. In order to realize the fluid flow, an external magnetic field with uniform or non-uniform magnetic gradient is imposed. Further, the thermo-magnetic convection is carried out in high temperature field, in which the magnetic susceptibility varies greatly with absolute temperature according to Curie's law, and the radiation field is also modified by the absorbing-emitting paramagnetic medium. In the present study, the effects of magnetic Rayleigh number and optical thickness are investigated. The results show that radiative heat transfer plays a significant role in thermo-magnetic convection.