Ferromagnetic Liquid Flow due to Gravity-Aligned Stretching of an Elastic Sheet


1 Department of Mathematics, Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, India

2 Department of Mathematics, BMS Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India


The flow of a ferromagnetic liquid due to gravity-aligned stretching of an elastic sheet in the presence of a magnetic dipole is considered. The fluid momentum and thermal energy equations are formulated as a six parameter problem and a numerical study is made using the shooting method based on Runge – Kutta Fehlberg and Newton Raphson methods. Extensive computation on the velocity and temperature profiles is presented for a wide range of values of the parameters. It was found that the primary effect of the magnetothermomechanical interaction is to decelerate the fluid motion as compared to the hydrodynamic case. The results have possible industrial applications in ferromagnetic liquid based systems involving stretchable materials.