A Study on Steady Natural Convective Heat Transfer Inside A Square Cavity For Different Values of Rayleigh and Nusselt Numbers


1 Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, NIT Agartala, PIN 799046, India

2 Research Scholar, Math Dept., NIT Agartala, PIN 799046, India


The aim of the present numerical study is to understand the steady natural convection flow and heat transfer in a Square cavity with heated left wall. The top and bottom walls of the cavity are kept to be adiabatic. The finite volume approach for the range of Rayleigh Number as 10... ≤ ... ≤ 10... and Pr=0.71 is used to solve the governing equations, in which buoyancy is modeled via the Boussinesq approximation in FLUENT. The computed flow patterns and temperature fields are shown by means of streamlines and isotherms, respectively. The influence of Rayleigh numbers on the hot wall of the cavity are analyzed. Change in Velocity with different Rayleigh Number near the top wall of the enclosure are investigated here. Variations of the maximum value of the dimensionless stream function and Nusselt Number were also presented. The computed result indicated that Nusselt number increases along the length of the hot wall and decreases near the end of the wall.