Numerical Study of Water Production from Compressible Moist-Air Flow


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this research a numerical study of water production from compressible moist-air flow by condensing of the vapor component of the atmospheric air through a converging-diverging nozzle is performed. The atmospheric air can be sucked by a vacuum compressor. The geographical conditions represent a hot and humid region, for example Bandar Abbas, Iran, with coordinates, 270 11 ’ N and 560 16’ E and summer climate conditions of about 40℃and relative humidity above 80%. Parametric studies are performed for the atmospheric-air temperature between, 40℃ to 50℃, and relative humidity between49.6% to 100.%. For these ranges of operating conditions and a nozzle with the area ratio of 1.17, the liquid mass flow rates falls in the range 0.272 to 0.376 kg/s. The results show that, the energy consumed by the compressor for production 1 kg of water will be 1.279 kWh. The price of 1 kWh is 372 Rials, therefore the price for the production of 1 kg liquid water will be 475.8 Rials, therefore, the scheme is economically suitable.