Usability of the Selig S1223 Profile Airfoil as a High Lift Hydrofoil for Hydrokinetic Application


1 INIQUI – CONICET –Faculty of Engineering, National University of Salta, Salta, 4400, Argentina

2 UPC-CIMNE – International Center for Method in Engineering, UPC Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech), Barcelona 08034


This work presents a numerical analysis of the ability of the high lift airfoil profile Selig S1223 for working as hydrofoil under water conditions. The geometry of the hydrofoil blade is designed through a suitable airfoil profile and then studied carefully by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in order to check its hydrodynamic behavior, i.e., including lift and drag analysis, and determinations of streamlines velocities and pressures fields. Finally conclusions on the use of this profile in a possible application for hydrokinetic turbine blades are detailed.