3-D Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer during Combustion of Solid Fuel in Bkz-420-140-7C Combustion Chamber of Kazkhstan


Thermal and Technical Physics Department, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty 050038, Kazakhstan


In this paper the results obtained by the numerical method of modeling of Ekibastuz coal burning in BKZ-420 combustion chamber of Kazakhstan Power Plant are presented. They are devoted to the numerical simulation of combustion processes in the furnace boiler BKZ-420. Boiler’s steam generates capacity equal 420 T/h. Boiler has six vertical pulverized coal burners arranged in two levels with three burners on the front wall of the boiler. High ash, low-grade coal from Ekibastuz burned in the furnace. Its ash content is 40%, volatile – 24%, humidity–5%, highest calorific value is 16750 kJ/kg. Milling dispersity of coal was equal to R90 = 15%.It was shown in this research that the most intense burning is observed in the central part of the chamber where the flow temperature reaches about 980 °C and it is seen that the temperature reaches a peak in the cross sections of the burners location. The combustion reaction there occurs more intensively.