Numerical Simulation of Compressible Two-Phase Condensing Flows


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), 15875- 4413Tehran, Iran.


In the present paper, the hybrid AUSM-van Leer scheme is extended to solve the governing equations of twophase condensing flows. The method of moments with the classical homogeneous nucleation theory is used to model the non-equilibrium condensation phenomenon. Firstly, the hybrid method is validated using two test cases (i.e. Laval nozzle and rotor-tip cascade) and the results are compared with the MacCormack method. Then the hybrid method is used to solve two other problems (i.e. wavy channel and VKI stage). Based on the numerical results of the paper, the hybrid AUSM-van Leer scheme is an accurate method to simulate twophase transonic flows with nucleation. If the super cooling degree reaches to its maximum value, the nonequilibrium condensation begins and wetness fraction increases suddenly. Also across a shock the wetness fraction decreases due to evaporation of the droplets.