Assessment of the LES-WALE and Zonal-DES Turbulence Models in Simulation of the Flow Structures around the Finite Circular Cylinder


1 Aerospace Research Institute, Tehran, Iran

2 Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Three-dimensional unsteady flow field around a finite circular cylinder standing in a flat-plate boundary layer is studied. For this purpose, two different numerical turbulence approaches as wall adapted local eddyviscosity LES (LES-WALE) and the zonal hybrid RANS-LES approach of Detached-Eddy Simulation (Zonal-DES) are used. Analysis is carried out for a finite circular cylinder with diameter of D = 3 mm and length-to-diameter ratio of L/D=6 which leads to the Reynolds number 2×104. Numerical simulation has been performed based on the LES-WALE and Zonal-DES turbulence models using coarse and fine grids. Ability and accuracy of two models in capturing the complex physics of present phenomenon are investigated by comparing their results with each other and validated experimental results. Also, effect of several important parameters such as time-averaged pressure coefficient, velocity, vortex shedding frequency and performance of the LES-WALE and Zonal-DES turbulence models are studied.