Conjugate Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Rotating Enclosure


School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 UKM Bangi Selangor, Malaysia


The aim of the present numerical study to analyze the conjugate natural convection heat transfer in a rotating enclosure with finite wall thickness. The enclosure executes a steady counterclockwise an- gular velocity about its longitudinal axis. The staggered grid arrangement together with the Marker and Cell (MAC) method was employed to solve the governing equations. The governing parameters considered are the wall thickness, 0:05  D  0:2, the conductivity ratio, 0:5  Kr  10 and the Taylor number, 8:9104  Ta  1:1106, and the centrifugal force is assumed weaker than the Coriolis force. It is found that decreasing the conductivity ratio or/and rotational speed stabilize of the convective flow and heat transfer oscillation. The global quantity of the heat transfer rate increases by increasing the conductivity ratio and it decreases about 12% by increasing 20% wall thickness for the considered rotational speeds.