Head Discharge Relationship of Thin Plated Rectangular Lab Fabricated Sharp Crested Weirs


Department of Civil Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010, India.


Measuring open channel flows has been a major challenge at the field level. Because of the fact that the measuring devices are to be made from procedures and materials prescribed in standard codes. Weirs over a period of time had been used to measure discharges in open channel systems. But non-availability of standard material at village level proves to be a major bottleneck in implementing weirs as field measurement devices. The present experimental study is an attempt to prove the good hydraulic performance of weirs made of locally available metal sheets. That use of complicated material and machining is not necessary in the fabrication of rectangular weir. A discharge formula for the rectangular weir of different sizes is extensively studied. From the experimental study it is concluded that the Cd value for each weir is nearly same. Also material and slight variation in thickness has no effect on the Cd value in case of rectangular sharp crested weir.