CAD Modeling of Store Carrying Rack-9 / Store Carrying Rack-9A, Their Aerodynamic Analysis and Validation through Wind Tunnel Test


College of Aeronautical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan


Purpose of this research work is to model and analyze the Store Carrying Rack (SCR) of a fighter aircraft with an objective to improve its aerodynamic performance. Refined and grid independent mesh is generated with a technique used for symmetric bodies. The different CFD technique, to capture the flow physics parallel and perpendicular to the wall of the rack, is implemented. It includes capturing the boundary layer, flow separation, vortices formation etc. Results, for the actual flight conditions of the aircraft, are acquired. The results were compared to identify the reason of modification in model. CFD results of racks were validated through Wind Tunnel Test of a scaled down model in a subsonic Wind Tunnel. A new model is proposed having least drag among all the three models. Sears-Hacck volume distribution is the datum for modification in shape. The new proposed model SCR-9AB is recommended for the future shape modification of SCR.