Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Solid Suspension in Non-Newtonian Liquids at High Solid Concentration


1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Quchan University of Advanced Technologies Engineering, Quchan, Iran

2 Department of Computer Engineering, Quchan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Quchan, Iran


This research deals with experimental work on solid suspension and dispersion in stirred tank reactors that operate with complex fluids. Only suspended speed (Njs) throughout the vessel was characterized using Gamma-Ray Densitometry. The outcomes of this study help to understand solid suspension mechanisms involving changes the rheology of the fluid and provide engineering data for designing stirred tanks. All experiments were based on classic radial and axial flow impellers, i.e., Rushton Turbine (RT) and Pitched Blade Turbine in down pumping mode (PBT-D). Three different liquids (water, water+CMC, and water+PAA) were employed in several concentrations. The CMC solution introduced as a pseudo plastic fluid and PAA solution was applied as a Herschel Bulkley fluid. The rheological properties of these fluids were characterized separately. According to the findings, the critical impeller speeds for solid suspension for non-Newtonian fluids were more eminent than those for water. Experiments were performed to characterize the effects of solid loading, impeller clearance and viscosity on Njs. Also the PSO method is employed to find suitable parameters of Zwietering's correlation for prediction of Njs in Non Newtonian fluids.