Theoretical Analysis of Shear Thinning Hyperbolic Tangent Fluid Model for Blood Flow in Curved Artery with Stenosis


Department of Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University , Islamabad Pakistan


In this paper, we have considered the blood flow in a curved channel with abnormal development of stenosis in an axis-symmetric manner. The constitutive equations for incompressible and steady non-Newtonian tangent hyperbolic fluid have been modeled under the mild stenosis case. A perturbation technique and homotopy perturbation technique have been used to obtain analytical solutions for the wall shear stress, resistance impedance to flow, wall shear stress at the stenosis throat and velocity profile. The obtained results have been discussed for different tapered arteries i.e., diverging tapering, converging tapering, non-tapered arteries with the help of different parameters of interest and found that tapering dominant the curvature of the curved channel.