Far Field Evolution of Momentum Driven and Scalar Dominated Flow Field


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, 627003, India.


To capture the effect of initial conditions in far field evolution of momentum driven and scalar dominated flow field, Witze scaling has been used for collapsing vector and scalar data to attain asymptotic state at self-preserving region of the jet. It incorporates the initial mass, momentum, energy to capture the effect of heating level on both near and far field development of strongly heated coaxial turbulent round air jets entering into quiescent ambient. This paper compares the effectiveness of potential core length and jet effective diameter as the length scales to collapse both mean and fluctuating components of velocity vector and temperature scalar. Similarity considerations with Witze length scale using the initial momentum flux and buoyancy flux gives a good collapse at all levels of heating.