Performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel-Butanol Blended Fuel in Lhr Engine

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vel Tech, Avadi, Chennai- 600062, India



The use of biodiesel as an alternative diesel engine fuel is increasing rapidly. However, due to technical deficiencies, they are rarely used purely or with high percentages in diesel engines. Therefore, in this study, we used butanol as an additive to research the possible use of higher percentages of biodiesel in a diesel engine. B100 (100% biodiesel) was prepared as the baseline fuel. Butanol was added to biodiesel as an additive by volume percent of 5% ,10%,15% 20%(denoted as B95 but5, B90 but10, B85 but15 and B80 but20), were used in a single cylinder, four strokes direct injection LHR engine. The effect of test fuels on brake specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency, exhaust gas temperature, and NOX, smoke opacity emission was investigated. The experimental results showed that the performance and emission of LHR engine we can use of the 100% biodiesel. Besides, the exhaust emissions for B80 but 20 were fairly reduced.