Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Missile with Grid Fins

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 Department of Mathematics, Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology

2 K. Ramakrishnan College of Technology, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India



This paper elucidates the outcomes of an experimental study validating a methodology for applying aerodynamic coefficients for a missile with grid fins. A grid fin is an unconventional lifting and control surface that consists of an outer frame supporting an inner grid of interesting planar surfaces of small chord. As a part of the experimentation, determinations were made based on the calculations at a match number of 0.2 and angle of attack 10o for a missile with grid fins. The simulations were found to be efficacious as well as probable in determining the flow structure around the fin in the separated-flow region at the higher angles of attack. This was impeccably apparent in the successful calculation of nonlinear behavior viscous computational fluid dynamic simulations to calculate the flow field and for that fin, which indicated negative normal force at the higher angle of attack. The modeling of unconventional grid fin missile is done in CAD software named catia V5. The enmeshing of geometry is accomplished in a pre-processor named Gambit. In addition to that, the solving and the post processing are experimented in a solver called Fluent.