Stability Analysis of Heat Transfer MWCNT with Different Base Fluids

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 University College of Engineering

2 Saveetha Engineering College



The technological development for industries faces the challenges in meeting out the cooling demand due to the existing coolants have reached their limitations. The nanofluids are the dispersion of the nanomaterials into base fluids have been developed to solve the problems associated with the existing coolants in the thermal systems. The stability of nanofluids is a crucial issue for both scientific research and practical applications to provide better cooling. In this investigation, seven Multi walled Carbon Nano Tube MWCNT nanofluids have been prepared by using two step method with Distilled water, Coolant oil, Engine oil, Gear oil, Vegetable oil, Coconut oil, and Grown oil as base fluids at the volume concentration of 0.1% and without adding any stabilizing agent. The UV-Vis spectrophotometers, measure of pH values, and photograph capturing techniques have been used for stability analysis in this investigation by keeping the nanofluids under static condition period of 30 days. It is found from the three stability analysis techniques that the stability of nanofluids are in the increasing order of MWCNT / Distilled water nanofluid, MWCNT / Coolant oil nanofluid, MWCNT / Coconut oil nanofluid, MWCNT / Vegetable oil nanofluid, MWCNT / Engine oil nanofluid, MWCNT /Gear oil nanofluid and MWCNT/Grown oil nanofluid. The MWCNT / Distilled water nanofluid has poor stability and MWCNT/Grown oil nanofluid has good stability.