Analysis of Ventilation Rate in Cross Ventilated Rooms by Varying Aperture Shape of Windows using CFD

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, M.A.M College of Engineering

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Knowledge institute of Technology



On this era of increasing energy demand, natural ventilation appears to be the proper solution as it provides the necessary ventilation required for the room by means of the natural forces, such as wind. It ensures salubrity and pleasant indoor climate through least possible energy consumption at least possible cost. Our project aims to identify the air velocities and air change per hour in a cross ventilated room through numerical predictions. The standards for natural ventilation are taken into account along with the heat transfer concepts and the analysis is carried out on different shapes of inlets and outlets at different heights. The models were analyzed using CFD software by using SIMPLE and SIMPLEC algorithm to solve the equations and the results are compared.