Experimental Study of Energy Efficiency of a Single Microtube

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 Caen Normandy University

2 Basse Normandie University, LUSAC Laboratory, Saint Lô



This paper presents an experimental study of capillary steam condensation in two circular glass microtubes (480μm and 280μm diameters). It described the experimental set up and micro instrumentation used to analyze condensation inside a microtube. Experimental results concerns effect of the pressure and cooling heat flux on the condensation flow regimes in microtube. Along the flow direction, annular, slug, plug, mist and bubbly flow patterns are observed in the microtube. Our attention is focused on the analysis of pressure drop, and hydrodynamic characteristics of slug flow because it is one of the basis two-phase flow pattern in condensation inside microchannels.