Acquisition Method for Micro-gap Oil Film Morphology of Hydrostatic Workbench Having Double Rectangular Cavities under Working Conditions of High-Speed and Heavy-Load

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1 Harbin University of Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligent Technology, Ministry of Education, Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150000, China

2 Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Corp, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, 161000, China



When the hydrostatic workbench is running under high-speed overload conditions, the friction by-product is partially placed, causing the micro-gap oil film to be smaller, and the tribology is exposed. The oil film morphology of hydrostatic workbench directly affects its lubrication performance, and the oil film morphology is determined by deformation of bearing friction pairs and the oil film morphology is extremely difficult to obtain. This study will provide an acquisition method for the oil film morphology through the deformation of the bearing friction pair, and the deformation prediction of hydrostatic workbench having double rectangular cavities in heavy type vertical lathe has studied based on ANSYS WORKBENCH, and these are helpful to further investigate oil film shape under the working conditions of high-speed and heavy-load. The oil film clearance test rig was established, and the simulation results were verified, which verified the effectiveness of the proposed numerical simulation method. It can be concluded that the rotational speed has a greater impact on the oil film thickness than that of load, and the oil film thickness of downstream side is smaller than that of upstream side, and oil film thickness changes more quickly inside of oil sealing edge than that of outside, and the friction behavior and failure mechanism of this kind of bearing are proved.


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